Deadlines to meet? Meals to prepare? Is your home in a mess? Are you overwhelmed by having so many things to do?

Don’t give up, you can do it!


Continue to keep parents involved with school

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Research shows that students are more focused and motivated to learn when parents are involved in their schooling. Teachers have observed that student attendance and learning responsibility improves with the help of parents.

As the economy slowly opens in Malaysia and businesses requiring parents to go back to work, life just got busier for parents that juggle between work and their child’s learning at home.

We understand that it’s a challenge to find time in a day and we’re here to help you support busy parents!


How FrogSchool can help busy parents be involved with student learning

YTL Foundation has collaborated with FrogAsia, Pelangi and Teach For Malaysia to create quick and  simple lessons with busy parents in mind.

To get started, planning the day is important! That way, you’re able to prepare yourself mentally and physically what is on your checklist to do today. In school, teachers spend time planning their lessons before they enter their classrooms. 

FrogSchool lessons are broken down into manageable steps which we’ve outlined here and it only takes 10 minutes at a time for busy parents to support their children in learning!



10 minutes before work

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Get the day started right by setting learning goals. 

For example, parents can briefly go through the tasks for the day which can be done at breakfast.

With FrogSchool lessons, we’ve done that for you so that it’s easy to share with a student the learning goals, resources and activities in one place!

10 minutes after lunch break

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Students remember their lessons better when it’s fun!

FrogSchool quizzes are gamified to help motivate students to learn.

This mobile app can be downloaded on Google Play for Android and on Apple Store for iOs users. Parents can help their child access quizzes on FrogPlay to assess learning.

10 minutes after work

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Monitoring student progress is important to understand if their child achieves their learning goals!

Since quizzes are automatically marked after students complete them, parents can view reports on their child’s progress at the end of the day easily! From there, parents can assess the strengths and weaknesses of their child.

Teachers familiar with FrogPlay can guide parents on how to read these reports and collaborate next steps.

A great tip is to encourage students to repeat quizzes at a later date to help them remember their lessons. After all, practice makes perfect!


What if a parent is required to be physically at work?

If parents are unable to be around to guide students at home, a quick phone call during the day or a sit down the day before about their lessons and tasks can help!


Looking for more lessons?

Find other quick lessons available at this website!


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