All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

It’s no fun when you’re stuck at home learning from a textbook or a screen all day!

Kids will be kids and they love to spend their energy exploring and running around with friends or their siblings during play time. 

For parents that would like their child to spend more time learning, we’ve designed FrogSchool lessons to be colourful and engaging so that the learning process can motivate a child to learn and that going through lessons feels effortless!

Introduce students to discover the fun side of learning!

Lifelong learning happens when we remain curious, imaginative and creative about the world around us. When we have fun, we cherish these moments and remember them for a long time!

We believe that the learning experience should be like an adventure and this is why we encourage parents and teachers to share FrogSchool lessons with students.

Try it for yourself and explore the fun possibilities of an adventure through FrogSchool lessons

Our experiences are only limited by our imaginations.

Even though going on vacation is not an option during this unpresented time, why not host a staycation at home! This lesson activity is part of this lesson and gives families a great opportunity to be part of student learning in the safety and comfort of your home.What are you waiting for? The fun is just beginning!

Let’s get started!

Uh-oh, are you facing a roadblock in learning?

Don’t worry, here are some resources to help you!



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