Kids will be kids and they prefer to play!

On a typical school day, students spend their time with teachers who guide and encourage them to learn. While they may continue to learn from home for 1-2 hours after classes end, the rest of the day is spent on play.


“Play is the work of a child - that’s how they learn.” Maria Montessori


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With schools closed and students stuck at home, students are looking for ways to entertain themselves and have fun during this isolating experience!

In line with this season of fun and during the Raya and Gawai holidays, it’s the best time to help to keep the excitement going by having students experience fun, meaningful learning through FrogSchool lessons!


Make learning an adventure!

We don’t expect all students to be fully engaged in lessons all the time. However, if they associate learning with boredom, it’s a big problem! To overcome this, here are some suggestions to create edutainment (educational and entertaining) in classes.

1. Plan your learning adventure

Planning is essential when you have a goal to achieve. For example, even if you were to take a spontaneous road trip there’s always an idea of what you want to do and figuring out how to experience is important because these help you shape your journey!

We encourage teachers to set achievable milestones, to involve parents and to be flexible in your interactive approaches during MCO. 

Instead of relying purely on physical cues such as raising hands during video calls, a simpler way to keep the class interactive is to host a simple poll or a discussion after participating in an online quiz in class. In addition, involving parents can help keep their child accountable to finishing their homework!


2. Keep their heads in the ‘game’

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With learning, it's not about the destination, it's about the journey. If a student is learning for the sake of doing their homework or to get an ‘A’ in their exam, learning isn’t as effective as it should be.

The more engaging the lessons, the more likely students are to remember them, and students will re-engage in the learning process. This is ultimately what we want to produce - lifelong learners.

The key to engaging lessons is maintaining their attention spans enough to hit the learning goals. For example, if you’re teaching Science about animal interaction, a great start can be through teaching aids or resources such as colourful notes or quick videos and reinforce lessons by hosting a mini-game at the end of your lesson!

Gamified learning can help motivate students and reinforce lessons because it allows students to play and learn at the same time! Similar to playing video games, a player has a goal in mind and finishes tasks while having a fun experience through creating avatars, colourful visuals and competitive scoring.


FrogPlay makes it easy to learn online!

Frog’s gamified-learning app, FrogPlay, enables blended learning, tracking of student progress and improved administrative task flow of traditional teaching environments. 

Students are able to explore and learn from quizzes that are aligned to the national curriculum or find quizzes created by teachers in their school for tailored learning specific to classroom objectives. Download FrogPlay on  Google Play for Android and on Apple Store for iOs users.

If the virtual class is losing their focus, teachers can re-engage students by shifting the conversation to include student surroundings.

For example, if a family pet appears in the background of your video call teachers can engage students by sharing about pet behaviours and how it relates to lessons! For older students, teachers can engage them in deeper discussions about the topic!


Teachers should have fun and be creative too! 

This MCO is a time to be adventurous and creative with our lesson planning and a great opportunity to be spontaneous with our approaches to encourage student learning because this will help students to enjoy learning and create memorable experiences.

Daily quality learning with FrogSchool lessons for learning activities that can help engage students. 

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