Taking gamified learning one step further

Due to popular demand, we’re enhancing the FrogPlay experience and releasing our new application ahead of schedule! We at FrogAsia understand that the pandemic has impacted teachers and students nationwide and the uncertainties that continue to this day is still an anxious experience for many.

As an effort to help spread positivity and a sense of community after the Raya and Gawai holidays, we’re sharing with you the earliest version of our application! This version of FrogPlay Live is available on desktop (computer and laptop) only.


FrogPlay Live: Play and learn in real-time together

FrogPlay Live is an extension of FrogPlay that enhances the gamified learning experience for students because they’re able to learn through FrogPlay quizzes with their classmates together in real-time! This is a great way for teachers to engage their students in a new experience in their lessons to keep lessons engaging and fresh!


Using FrogPlay Live during RMCO

FrogPlay Live is designed to work best in the classroom however, we’ve shared tips for that works during RMCO. That way, teachers and students won’t have to wait for schools to reopen to experience the benefits of FrogPlay Live!

For a detailed step-by-step guide of how to use FrogPlay Live, access FrogPlay Live in your Quick Launch and then click on the Help button located at the top of your screen!

Help us improve FrogPlay Live by sharing your feedback with us

We strive to reach for perfection in all we do and plan to continue improving FrogPlay Live! Because we’ve built FrogPlay Live specially for teachers and students, we want to hear from you and are open to feedback!

Please fill in this form and share with us your thoughts about FrogPlay Live.


Be the first to use it in lessons and share your feedback with us!


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