Learning is a lot of fun and it happens naturally

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When students are engaged in their lessons, the classroom becomes vibrant and an exciting experience for everyone! However, how we learn changes over time. As we get older, we tend to focus on results and measure our worth based on our grades and ability to learn quickly. 

Think about how you learned a new skill as a child. Different people pick up the skill differently and most, by actually getting on the bicycle and trying to ride it. Good and memorable experiences will encourage you to keep working on your techniques and you eventually master the skill. In other words, our learning process happens through experiential play! If the role of fun learning plays a huge part of how we learn, we should use this powerful motivator within the classroom.


Students learn better when they’re together!

Research shows that students become more confident about and engaged in their learning both inside and outside of the classroom when teachers use collaborative learning strategies such as through group discussions and assignments.

This allows students to feel more secure with themselves as learners and recognise the value of their own and other’s contributions to the learning process. It’s clear that in building a wholesome learning experience, it’s as equally important to have a supportive learning environment for students to rely on as well.


“I remember sitting in my English class for LART three years ago. They were very interested to hear my opinions, what I had to bring and at that time I wasn’t used to it that much. So, I was very hesitant, but as the year passed by, I noticed that it’s very important to just speak up and hear other people’s opinions. It makes the class more interesting.” Jasmine, DeAnza College


We launched FrogPlay Live (Advance Release) which is an extension of FrogPlay that enhances the gamified learning experience for students because they’re able to learn through FrogPlay quizzes with their classmates together in real-time so that teachers understand what drives students to actively learn and a great step is to have the classroom discover this together.

1. Learning grows through FrogPlay Live

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Learning can be an isolating experience when a student is not interested in studying and becomes more so during this period of distance learning. A great first step for teachers is to help their students overcome their insecurities when learning. It could be a fear of not getting the right answers, the feeling of not catching-up with the class or having thoughts such as, ‘why bother’.

Supporting students by increasing their confidence and sense of purpose when learning is important which FrogPlay Live can help teachers with. By hosting an online quiz session, teachers are giving students the opportunity to learn alongside their peers without pressure yet giving them the ownership of knowing the right answer. In other words, get your students involved and accountable!


2. Healthy competition as a motivator and reward

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Similar to when we participate in sports competitions, having features such as the leaderboard makes for a positive reinforcement. When using FrogPlay Live, teachers are able to gauge student understanding through the leaderboard and what they’ve learnt through healthy competition. Friendly competition has proven to be a good motivator for curious minds which also helps teachers identify top performers. Their ability to find solutions to a problem enables them to use critical thinking and creativity is invaluable and can be the gateway for students to be active learners. 

The added function of FrogPlay Live gives teachers the ability to assess student performances through reports. This allows for insights to a student’s strengths and weaknesses and data shown in reports help support the next steps to take when planning for upcoming lesson plans!


3. Streak bonuses encourages self-improvement

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To know lessons like the back of your hand requires a student to be able to recall and think of the solution when answering quiz questions. A challenge that students are automatically tasked with, extra points are given to a student by answering correctly and quickly.

The goal is not to reward a student’s ability to recall lessons but to be supportive of their capacity to improve in their learning or maintain the level of knowledge they already possess. Through consistent encouragement and willingness to self-improve, teachers are able to instill a love for lifelong learning! Click the image for a video on how to get started!

Try FrogPlay Live Advance Release and share with us your feedback here (http://bit.ly/fplbeta) so we can improve and make it a better experience for you!

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