Turning fun learning into a teachable experience

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We’ve all had that one teacher growing up - the one that makes learning interesting.

For me, that teacher is Cikgu Fatimah, my BM teacher in secondary school. She’s a motherly figure that students loved having around! Her lesson includes sharing her views of the world with us as an equal - never one to belittle anybody and that all opinions matter.

The biggest piece of advice I received from Cikgu Fatimah is this:

“The way you see things changes as you grow older and your mind must learn the different ways of thinking. Using a pencil as an example, in primary school, you learn what it is and how to use it. In secondary school, you are expected to understand the good in different types of pencils. When you grow up, you need to imagine the possibilities you can achieve with this pencil and share it with the world.”


We grow in stages. Some faster than others but what makes a difference is the learning environment our teachers built for us that helps us grow.

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I struggled with the language but I loved her lessons because it was fun! I learnt how to express my views and was encouraged to join the debate team for inter-school competitions.

Spoiler alert: I didn’t make the cut. But I was part of the team, trained with them and followed them for competitions. If I hadn’t trained with the team or learnt how my peers expressed themselves in competitions, I wouldn’t have had the chance to improve as much as I have.

Effects of healthy competition in e-learning

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Research shows that a (team) competitive environment is useful for the learning process and healthy competition motivates students and enhances their learning skills.

For this to happen, teachers need to ensure there is sufficient time and a good chance of winning for each student. According to the same case study, students achieved their learning goals when the time spent doing the learning activity is suitable depending on the abilities of the students in the class. 


FrogPlay Live lets students play and learn in real-time together!

FrogPlay is a fun element in Frog VLE that introduced schools across Malaysia to gamified learning. As an extension of that, FrogPlay Live is a supportive feature to help teachers create a fun, competitive atmosphere for the classroom to learn together!

The excitement of a healthy competition is what drives students to improve and a leaderboard is built to recognise and reward students and their efforts.

How to be on at the top of the leaderboard

1. Correct answers
Students need to answer as many quiz questions in the session correctly and as quickly as possible! The purpose is to ensure that students understand the learning goals and objectives.

2. Timely answers
When a student answers many quiz questions in a row correctly, FrogPlay Live is designed to award bonus points as an incentive for students knowing their lessons inside-out! A timer element is included to help students be decisive and for an added layer of excitement of being first to answer correctly.


Students learn better together

Even though our teachers facilitate lessons and are the sources of hard facts, students are a more powerful inspiration to their peers to learn because they are equals going through the same learning process which makes it relatable and an approachable solution especially in engaging the lower performing students.

Teachers can build this learning process of peer-to-peer assistance by encouraging the top ranking students at the end of the session to explain the correct answers. For example, a teacher can utilise the session’s reports to identify the questions most students answered incorrectly. 

Students grow when surrounded by a community of friends and also teachers. With proper guidance, reasonable goals and the tools to be competitive, students can thrive and be confident in improving themselves.

FrogPlay Live is available within the Frog VLE and is a Advance Release version that we’re continuously improving to help create a more seamless experience for teachers and students!

We want to hear from you and what your thoughts are about FrogPlay Live Advance Release. Please fill in the form here (http://bit.ly/fplbeta).


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