Students are returning back to school!

Students across Malaysia will be returning to school life after three months of learning from home! While parents have been busy preparing for their child at home, teachers are working hard to prepare their lesson plans to help students catch-up on their studies on top of their other duties such as teaching and ensuring students follow post-COVID19 SOPs in school.

Here are 3 reasons why teachers should go digital with their lesson plans

1. It saves time!
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As a teacher, you have multiple roles both inside and outside the classroom. You are a manager, organiser, mentor, content publisher - all rolled into one! There’s so much that needs to be done and it can feel like there isn’t enough hours in a day.

By digitising your lessons plans and putting them online, you are able to quickly draft a document and submit it online for approval with a click of a button! No more waiting until someone is done with the photocopier and no more paper jams!


2. It saves money!
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There’s a common saying, sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama jadi bukit. When it comes to school expenses, it’s amazing how much money is spent on utility bills, teaching materials and so on! When schools go digital with lesson plans, they're going paperless!

This saves a lot of money especially when it comes to purchasing administrative resources such as pen, paper, books, and files, and not to mention the physical space required to keep all these records. Setting up an online system where teachers can easily share their administrative work is important so that they have time to focus on what they do best - teach!


3. It's flexible!
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When students return to school, teachers can expect students to have different levels of engagement in their lessons from home. That means that you can have multiple students in class that may understand more about some learning concepts than others! To cater to so many different aptitudes yet achieve the learning objectives of lesson plans is a challenging task. With the ability to quickly discuss with other teachers about your lesson plans online and to edit it quickly without needing to do manual paperwork is crucial!

Going online with your lesson plans gives teachers the flexibility to edit their documents on the fly. Teachers often teach multiple classes and are responsible for teaching different subjects in school. Having the opportunity to edit documents is so important and useful especially if they’re tasked with getting their students updated with all their lessons in a short period in time after school reopens!


The future is digital - is your school ready?

Now more than ever is the best time to take on new approaches in teaching and to experiment with how schools get up to speed with their tasks. This is handy if there is an unexpected school closure in the future. For example, in the event of a pandemic, a teacher doesn’t need to worry about bringing their work home with them! Going digital means simply accessing and completing their tasks online uninterrupted! Will you digitise your lesson plans as a new approach to teaching?

Go paperless with lesson plans with Frog VLE!

It’s easy!

Attach a Boost site found inside Frog VLE to your plans, submit it digitally to your SLT or Head of department and you’re done! Login and access Lesson Planner to get started.

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