The journey of learning should be one that introduces students to new opportunities, more so now in a world that opens doors to endless possibilities due to constant change. At FrogAsia, we believe students need to be equipped with knowledge, skills and experiences that would help them thrive in a world that is constantly changing and evolving. In order to do so, we need to rethink how children learn today and provide them with that space to explore and expand their creativity and innovation.

Through the journey of learning, we realise that the journey of teaching is equally as important as both co-exist to provide a quality educational experience. We believe that educators, too, need to be equipped with knowledge, skills and experiences as they play an important role in guiding and encouraging students towards new possibilities. To see this through, we need to provide a space that not only supports, but also encourages educators to explore creative and innovative ways that would lead to better teaching and learning outcomes in the classroom.



The Frog Classroom Programme is a makeover project designed to transform classrooms into vibrant spaces for 21st century learning. The transformation of these classrooms is done in partnership with YTL Foundation and the school community. Every Frog Classroom built is not just a space for students to learn creatively, but also serves as a Frog Hub, where teachers in the community come together to learn and share new classroom experiences.

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A Frog Hub is a specific place or school established as a convenient space for educators to gather on their journey to improve teaching and learning outcomes through the use of the Frog VLE. As a space established in an existing school for teachers to gather and work together on their journey to improve teaching and learning outcomes using the Frog VLE, Hubs are established in every state across Malaysia.

Led by teachers familiar with the usage of the Frog VLE, Advocate Teachers, training sessions are teacher-centric and filled with real-life examples teachers can use in their classrooms. At Hubs, FrogAsia also hosts workshops that will help teachers work out ways to effectively implement 21st century teaching and learning methods in classrooms.

These workshops are based on our Hubs Modules - training sessions surrounding the use of Frog VLE with emphasis on 21st century teaching and learning that includes critical thinking, or higher order thinking skills (HOTS), communication, and collaboration.

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In 2017, we celebrated 164 Frog Classrooms established nationwide, granting access to 21st century learning spaces to over 120,000 students and 950 teachers.

An independent study done by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, titled A Study on the Impact of Redesigned Malaysian Classrooms on Teacher Pedagogy and Student Learning Behaviour and Outcomes for the 21st Century showed that Frog Classrooms positively impact teacher pedagogy and students' learning behaviour. The research team led by Professor Dr Radha M.K. Nambiar discovered that:

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