We care about society and the world we live in, and this drives us towards bringing positive impact and making a difference. Every year, FrogAsia hosts series of conferences, drives numerous initiatives and present various awards to inspire teachers, students and parents to be changemakers in their communities.



Since 2013, we have hosted Leaps of Knowledge, our annual series of talks, events and conferences, where we bring world-class thought leaders to inspire and share insights into doing things differently. Each conference carries themes that seek to raise aspirations and cultivate innovation. We aim to inspire Malaysians to be agents of change needed in the world today, especially through the use of technology and the internet. We have had the pleasure of having prominent thought leaders and changemakers like Nick Vujicic, Professor Sugata Mitra, Dr Alice Wilder, Alistair Smith, Julia Immonen and Jaul Anak Bunyau speak at our conferences. We have also collaborated with prominent universities like the University of Oxford.


We also believe in giving space for students to explore problem solving creatively. We challenge students to think about the world they live in and how they can make a difference. The Vinnie Chan Award gives students the opportunity to be creative to bring positive impact that makes a difference in the world. This award encourages students to do things differently and bring about change that are in support of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.



To better engage educators and students, we launched kLeaps, which is a regional version of Leaps of Knowledge that is organised and in collaboration with local communities. Through kLeaps, the cascading of information and support continues within other education communities, reaching out to even more schools and educators at district and community levels. The first KLeaps took place in Langkawi March 2017, with more than 320 participants of which over 50% were from other states in Malaysia.


In 2017, we launched the YTL Foundation Schools Awards in partnership with YTL Foundation. This award, available to schools with Frog Classrooms, encourages schools in their journey towards the implementation and practice of 21st century teaching and learning. We aim to give support to schools in building innovation in teaching and learning, building learning communities and building learning environments that promote 21st Century skills. In 2017, YTL Foundation had offered five grants worth RM20,000 to each school that submitted the most compelling and sustainable proposals. Read more about the winners  here.