We are turning it up a notch by making learning a fun-filled adventure - introducing our new gamified-learning application, FrogPlay!


FrogPlay is a revision application accessible from within the Frog VLE that increases students’ motivation to learn by applying gamified learning. Through FrogPlay, teachers can assign fun and interactive quizzes to their students and track student performance. Students can also lead their own learning by self accessing the quizzes and games on FrogPlay.


What Quizzes are available?

FrogPlay Quizzes are specially curated by FrogAsia for guaranteed quality. Through our exclusive partnership with Pelangi Publishing Group, quizzes in line with the Malaysian syllabus is available for free. The quizzes cover all core subjects for all years from Standard 1 to Form 5.


How it benefits Students, Teachers & Parents






Watch our video to know more about FrogPlay!