At FrogAsia, we want to see every child having full access to a 21st century education, anytime, anywhere, on any device, regardless of background or location. Everyday, we are working towards transforming the education in Malaysia by challenging the status quo and doing things differently. We play our part in empowering students, parents, and teachers to be changemakers in education through our suite of products and services, and various initiatives.




The Frog Teacher Advocate Programme allows teachers to learn, share and inspire each other to integrate technology and the Frog VLE into day-to-day teaching and learning to create better learning outcomes. Advocates are teachers who are passionate about using technology in teaching and learning, and are happy to share their knowledge with other teachers. Participation of this programme is entirely voluntarily, which has resulted in organically-formed teaching communities where teachers learn from one another, build skills and increase their confidence in 21st century skills. Click  here to find out more about our Frog Teacher Advocate Programme.




Named after Malaysians’ favourite food, our Hub Modules are built for different aspects of 21st century education. Some are designed for teachers to come together and engage in physical live workshops that take place at our Hubs. Others are meant for administrators and senior leaders to enable and ease adoption of 21st century teaching and learning in schools. There are also comprehensive self-access online modules that allow teachers to learn Frog at their own pace. Click  here to find out more about the Hubs Modules.



We also want to celebrate pioneer educators all over Malaysia  who have implemented 21st century teaching and learning in their classrooms. This is done through the 1BestariNet Teacher Awards (IBNTA). We recognise educators with outstanding achievements in adopting technology which in turn increases the morale of educators and raises the standards in classrooms across the country.

In conjunction with National Teacher’s Day, 5 teachers were presented with the Awards at the annual Festival Hari Guru last year. Teachers were awarded for being pioneers of 21st century teaching and learning through the use and implementation of technology in their classrooms. Click  here to read more about the winners.



Every day, communities of teachers are gathering together voluntarily in workshops conducted by a volunteer teacher (Gold Advocate Teacher) in a volunteer school (Hub) that extends its opening hours to accommodate after-school workshops for teachers.

There is at least 1 Advocate Teacher in every state and 1 Hub in every district. Teachers are also sharing with each other across the Internet. In workshops done virtually, we see attendance from teachers from across different states. Find out more on the location of our Hubs  here.