Since the launch of FrogPlay, learning has never been more fun! With so much positive feedback from teachers and students, we decided to turn things up a notch - by launching the FrogPlay Championship. The Championship is aimed to encourage schools to leverage the use of FrogPlay in order to motivate students to learn through gamified-learning, a concept widely used in 21st century teaching and learning that uses game elements to develop skills such as critical and creative thinking, collaboration and communication.

The Championship took place for 3 months, from June to September 2017, and saw more than 1,900 schools in Malaysia revising hard while playing games! Three schools emerged victorious by the end of the competition, taking home a FrogPlay Championship Trophy, a three-day Technology-Enrichment course by Chumbaka for 30 students from each school worth RM6,000 each, exclusive FrogPlay Avatar codes and a 1-year subscription for eBooks from Pelangi.




Two other schools stood out for their outstanding efforts and initiative. As an appreciation for their commendable dedication, we would like to give them a special mention!