Throughout the years since the establishment of the 1BestariNet programme and our online platform, the Frog VLE, we have seen schools thrive by doing things differently through the empowerment and implementation of technology in their classrooms.

We have seen that a little spark can go a long way, and it is from this little spark that SJK(C) Choong Wen has become a great example of what happens when you combine technology with dedicated teachers. Since becoming one of the first schools in Malaysia to receive a Chromelab in 2013, the school’s use of technology in education has exceeded expectations.

Ms. Tan Shin Yee, teacher in SJK(C) Choong Wen and is a Frog Gold Advocate

SJK(C) Choong Wen was also the first school to take part in an international twinning programme with a Frog school in the United Kingdom, Clatford Primary School. At that time, the teacher in charge, Ms Tan Shin Yee, was really worried about speaking in English and understanding their accents, with no help of Chinese subtitles.

However, after the twinning programme, her students visibly grew in their confidence - they started creating amazing group projects and presenting it to the entire class in English! Ms Tan Shin Yee won the 1BestariNet Teacher Awards for Collaboration in 2016 and is an active Gold Advocate Teacher spending a lot of her time volunteering to help new young teachers to adopt 21st century methods in teaching and learning. But she’s not the only one in her school.

Five years on, SJK(C) Choong Wen continues to be creative in adopting 21st century teaching and learning through technology. They are a model school to others as a Frog Hubs school and their teachers continue to do an amazing job.