• It was 3 weeks ago that FrogAsia organised its biggest Leaps of Knowledge conference yet!  And by “big”, we mean:- Having some of the biggest names in the education and creative industry like Nicholas Piachaud, Puan Sri Sherina Leong-Aris and Red Hong Yi as keynote speakers  Nicholas Piachaud, Policy and … Read more

  • What a spectacular weekend we had! The FrogAsia team travelled to Perak for kLeaps, a community-based Leaps of Knowledge event. It was an honour and a privilege to work collaboratively with the Perak state education department, schools and Frog Advocates or VLE Facilitators to ensure this event was a huge … Read more

  • Just the night before on 28 November, we hosted our very first Awards Night, in collaboration with YTL Foundation, at the JW Marriott, Kuala Lumpur. It was a spectacular night where we invited all our winners of the YTL Foundation Schools Awards, 1BestariNet Teacher Awards and the Frog Championships. We … Read more

  • What a tremendous year it has been! We started the year with one goal in mind: to encourage and inspire the community to raise the bar in education through 21st Century teaching and learning. And throughout the year, we have seen schools, teachers, students and even parents leveling up through … Read more

  • What an amazing weekend we had in Johor for our third kLeaps Conference this year! This year as we aim to inspire and motivate schools to level up and raise the bar in education, we saw just how much schools in Johor have achieved and we are so encouraged by … Read more

  • Technology is becoming more and more prominent in our daily lives as we move into a world of globalisation and digitization – Welcome to the 21st Century! In a world that is fast-paced and changing ever so quickly, FrogAsia aims to bring all schools forward into 21st Century education so … Read more

  • FrogAsia believes in a world where everyone loves learning and where technology removes boundaries. This year, we decided to bring kLeaps to Kedah to enable more educators, students and parents to raise the bar in education together and inspire and encourage the Kedah community in 21st Century learning. In case … Read more

  •  7 April 2018 – Leaps of Knowledge 2018: Level Up! Conference took place at the JW Marriott, Kuala Lumpur, and what a spectacular day it was!Over 600 teachers and parents were inspired to raise the bar in 21st century teaching and learning through a series of keynotes given by Lou, … Read more

  • Our most anticipated conference series – Leaps of Knowledge – is back! As you know, FrogAsia organises Leaps of Knowledge annually to continuously enlighten, inspire and inform Malaysians on how education can be transformed using the technological tools available today along with the abundance of knowledge available on the internet. As … Read more

  • On the 16th of June 2016,  Perak hosted its first Frog Advocates Conference. More than 80 Frog Advocate Teachers from all over the state of Perak gathered at SMK Tambun in the outskirts of Ipoh for an entire day to get to know each other even better while trading ideas … Read more

  • Guru-guru di Johor!   Adakah anda berminat untuk mengintegrasikan modul modul Frog di dalam mata pelajaran yang anda ajar di sekolah?   atau   Adakah anda ingin mengetahui lebih lanjut mengenai pengajaran abad ke-21 melalui Frog VLE?   Sertai bengkel bengkel kami untuk mengetahui :Cara untuk membantu guru mempelbagaikan teknik … Read more

  • On 28th May 2016, Leaps of Knowledge: Your World Reimagined was held in the JW Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur!Over 500 secondary school students from all over Malaysia were inspired to make a difference through the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, a United Nations initiative aimed at eradicating poverty, reducing inequalities … Read more