• LESSON PLAN: SELF-REFLECTION & EVALUATION Reflecting on and evaluating your teaching after a lesson is over will give you insights that may save you lots of trouble later. In the rush of teaching, you may be tempted to skip self-evaluation. But don’t!  You will be surprised how much you forget if you don’t … Read more

  • THE IMPORTANCE OF LESSON PLANNING Lesson planning provides a step-by-step guide for teachers to delve deep into what you are teaching.  A good lesson plan conveys to teachers what is important for students when it comes to learning. With a well-thought out lesson plan in hand, you will be able … Read more

  • Ask people what the purpose of formal education is, and many will narrowly say it is ultimately to prepare young people to get a job. Then ask the next question: how does it help someone to get a job? And the answers become a bit woolly.   MAKE LEARNING MEANINGFUL! … Read more

  • The possibilities for our lives and our world are inarguably endless. In many ways, we are the result of our desires, beliefs, and actions. We are also the by-product of our own imagination, manifested in the form of a vision. Facing difficult situations is simply a matter of life. But … Read more

  • Parental involvement creates ties and strengthens bonds with children. It also leads to the building of stronger relationships within the school, leading to clearer communication between teachers, parents and children. Schools that have high levels of engagement with parents tend to experience better community support and positive reputation. Since 2017 … Read more

  • Have you heard of the saying… “Don’t let the future steal your present” Life unfolds in the present, but so often, we let the present slip away. We allow time to rush past us unseized, squandering the precious seconds of our lives. For example, when we’re at work, we fantasize … Read more

  • Trying to encourage school children to express themselves can be a challenging task, especially for the introverted students. It is important that children manage to process their emotions at an earlier age to help them understand that their feelings are relevant and normal.   EXPRESSING WITHOUT SPEAKING Before lessons began, … Read more

  • Communication is paramount in education!  Whether it’s teacher to student, student to student, teacher to teacher, teacher to parent, teacher to admin, etc etc you get the gist…  Communication is needed to make sure our students are successful. Share an interesting and creative way you encourage communication in the classroom … Read more

  • In a 2019 report, the State of Online Gaming from Limelight Networks showed that the world is gaming a lot more than it did in previous years. The information came from surveying 4,500 consumers from many different countries and results showed that gamers are playing for over 7 hours each week! Games, in any … Read more

  • Lifelong learning is best described as a form of self-initiated education that is focused on personal development. However, it does not mean it is restricted to informal learning. Personal development and fulfillment refer to natural interests, curiosity and motivations that lead us to learn new things. Share what you want to … Read more

  • Splashes in the media could sometimes go unnoticed, but not by us! FrogAsia is proud to celebrate your success together.  SK Ladang Gajah MatiCongratulations to SK Ladang Gajah Mati, Dungun, Terengganu on their successful feature by Astro Awani in their segment #AWANIJr! The school was given a mention for their … Read more

  • Here at FrogAsia, we want you to know that we notice the little things and we value every effort, big or small. Which is why we are dedicating a day in every month to appreciate schools and teachers whose deeds hopped right onto our lilypad!  SMK TropicanaWe would like to … Read more