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  • Secara umumnya, pengajaran dan pembelajaran Bahasa Arab bertujuan agar pelajar mampu menguasai kemahiran bahasa iaitu mendengar, bertutur, membaca dan menulis, serta mengaplikasikannya secara baik. Berikut adalah 3 teknik interaktif untuk mengajar Bahasa Arab:- 1. Teknik pengajaran melalui Permainan Dalam pengajaran Bahasa Arab mempunyai beberapa ciri khas utama iaitu suara, gerak, … Read more

  •   Inclusion is a great thing! If your school is a general school that also provides special education, children with special needs need not be isolated in “special ed” classrooms. That’s because these children thrive in the presence of their peers. There are so many things they can learn from … Read more

  • Preparing for core exams like UPSR, PT3 and SPM can be taxing and stressful on students, and teachers as well. For teachers, with limited classroom time, preparing focused revision material can be a bit of a balancing act because every topic is important! And for students, you might be asking … Read more

  • Since the launch of the FrogPlay Championship in 2017, schools across Malaysia have shown great motivation and determination to win the Champion title. When we took the competition to an international stage in 2018, we saw schools driven beyond motivation and determination. Schools began strategically implementing effective teaching and learning … Read more

  • It’s that time of the year again where your child go back to school. The days of going to bed late and sleeping in, with no homework or revision to worry about, are coming to an abrupt end and getting your child back into their academic routines can seem like … Read more

  • Happy New Year and welcome back to the Lilypad!   We are excited to kickstart the new year with fun and interactive learning! There’s nothing more exciting than new and interesting activities to look forward to in school. Learning doesn’t have to be confined within the classroom and as you … Read more

  • A child’s learning process doesn’t just begin and end in school – it continues even at home! When your child is at home, you are his or her teacher. But it doesn’t have to feel like a classroom lesson. Get your child excited to discover something new by turning a … Read more

  • Science may seem strange, complicated, or even a mystery. But science is really just all about finding out about nature and how things work, the reasons behind our everyday life. Teaching science concepts to young children can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Thanks to an abundance of … Read more

  • Hey, Students! Did you know that English is one of the most used languages in the world? Even outside of countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, many people can speak and understand English. This makes English an important language to learn! How are you doing in improving … Read more

  • Maths month has ended – make way for English! Frog Championships Level Up: English challenge is kicking-off today and will be running throughout the month from 3rd to 30th September. Parents, we hope you’re excited for more opportunities for your child to Play, Improve & Win! Learning is not limited … Read more

  • We are just two weeks away before announcing the winners for the Frog Championships Level Up: Maths challenge! How are you doing in Maths so far? We hope you are having fun! Here are a few fun ways to make Maths MORE FUN in the class: Roll the dice If … Read more

  • Maths is a very important subject in school but most students find it challenging because the subject is perceived to be boring with certain terms being quite confusing. Even so, there are a variety of methods teachers and parents can utilise to help students better understand Maths. Here are some quick … Read more

  • The following are extracts from a post published on The World Economic Forum blog written by Datin Kathleen Chew Wai Lin, Group Legal Counsel, YTL Corporation Berhad in conjunction with the World Economic Forum on ASEAN 2016, held in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur from 1st to 2nd June 2016.    … Read more