NEW on Frog! Lesson Planner - create, customize, share!

The Lesson Planner is designed to support teachers in planning lessons more effectively and meaningfully. You can create your own lesson plan or just use our ready-made templates that can be customised and shared!


“Frog has transformed the way we do things in our school by personalising learning and collaboration, enabling us to design and make unique content for our learning.” Martyn Soulsby, Teacher of North Lakes School (UK)

Frog opened my eyes to new possibilities and helped make lessons fun! FrogPlay was our introduction to gamification while Frog Boost Sites a form of blended learning.” says edtech teacher Yu Kok Hui

Teaching Mathematics is easier through FrogPlay and Boost Sites because I’m able to assess their understanding in lessons at the same time,” said Cikgu Eswaran.


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  • #FROGFACT: You can customise ready-made lesson plan templates to personalise lessons! Add in more of your own Teaching & Learning Activities! Include more Teaching Aids to support your lesson! Provide more Resources by adding in your own Site! Today, we are giving away Frog Merchandise to 5 winners who are … Read more

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  • THE IMPORTANCE OF LESSON PLANNING Lesson planning provides a step-by-step guide for teachers to delve deep into what you are teaching.  A good lesson plan conveys to teachers what is important for students when it comes to learning. With a well-thought out lesson plan in hand, you will be able … Read more

  • DID YOU KNOW… In 2018, JPN Sabah saved up to RM920,000 by starting an initiative to encourage teachers to create and submit lesson plans digitally! Kickstart your initiative to create and submit lesson plans online through our new application, the LESSON PLANNER! We provide ready-to-use lesson plans that are aligned … Read more

  • #FROGFACT: You can create a lesson plan by first clicking on the plus button on the FrogBar and select Lesson Planner. Lesson Planner provides 2 lesson plan templates: Ready-made template and Blank template.   Today, we are giving away Frog Merchandise to 10 winners who are able to complete the … Read more

  • Did you know in 2018, SJKT Sungai Ara managed to reduce the use of 6,700 sheets of paper in 8 weeks? This was achieved when Headmaster Mr Sangga encouraged teachers to create and submit lesson plans online! Frog has recently launched a new Lesson Planner application on the VLE that … Read more

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  • We have just launched a brand new application in the Frog VLE! Say hello to the LESSON PLANNER. The Lesson Planner is designed to support teachers in planning lessons more effectively and meaningfully. You can create your own lesson plan or just use our ready-made templates that can be customised … Read more