5 Facts about reading books

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Reading takes you to a whole new world! It helps you in your reading tests, vocabulary, general knowledge and gives you a better understanding of other cultures. It also helps you to increase your language skills.

Here are five fun facts about reading books!


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1. Reading boosts analytical thinking.

You can learn important thinking skills that many future jobs need! If your ambition is to be a lawyer, judge or a doctor, reading is important!

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2. Reading can be therapeutic.

A well known researcher said that reading can help with any stress or anxiety in life. lf you’re going through problems, or simply just need to relax, read a new book.

3. You’re more likely to learn something new everyday if your read daily.

Did you know that reading frequently does make you smarter. It doesn’t only help you remember knowledge but it also helps you recall that knowledge later on. This is really useful when you’re chatting with someone, or if you need to remember a fact about something!

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4.Reading expands your vocabulary, making you sound like a genius.

People say that the more you give, the more you receive. It’s the same idea for reading! The more you read, the more words you will come across. So, the more often you read these words, the more likely you are to understand them and use them in your own writing and speaking.

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5.Books helps us to appreciate others

Research actually shows that by reading realities and fictional story-lines, you can actually learn new emotions and feelings. This is especially useful when you learn to love and respect people from different cultures.

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