Celebrities who stood up against bullying

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Have you ever been bullied by someone and wondered if there might be something wrong with you just because you’re being picked on all the time? Don’t entertain such thoughts because bullying is something that many students often experience regardless of their age, gender, race, religion, or culture.

Here are four successful celebrities who were once bullied in school but didn’t allow it to affect their journey in life.


“Usually the bullies are the most insecure. I was bullied and it’s hard, you feel like high school’s never going to be over. It’s four years of your life and you just have to remember the person picking on you has their own problems and their own issues. And you’re going to be OK.”

– Megan Fox, Transformers


56th Annual Drama Desk Awards - Arrivals
“These young people were bullied and tormented by people that should have been their friends. We have a responsibility to be better to each other, and accept each other’s differences regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ability, or religion and stand up for someone when they’re bullied.”

– Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter


“I changed schools a lot when I was in elementary school because some girls were mean… They were less mean in middle school, because I was doing all right, although this one girl gave me invitations to hand out to her birthday party that I wasn’t invited to… Don’t worry about the bullies — that could be a good motto, because you come across people like that throughout your life.”

– Jennifer Lawrence, Hunger Games


“I was bullied quite a lot when I was growing up in my Peking Opera School. I allowed myself to be bullied because I was scared and didn’t know how to defend myself. I was bullied until I prevented a new student from being bullied. By standing up for him, I learned to stand up for myself.”

– Jackie Chan, Karate Kid



We want you to know that if you’re being bullied, you don’t have to let it affect you. There are ways to stop bullying in your school, whether you’re a victim or if someone you know is a victim. Find good friends whom you can count on to stop bullying in your school together with. That could mean reporting a bully to your teacher, having the courage to stand up for a classmate who is being bullied, or even forgiving your bully yet telling him/ her that you’re not going to put up with being treated badly anymore.

To find out more about how to deal with bullies, read Stand Up Against Bullying.

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  1. CHRIS says:

    Bullying has been the cause for many prefects lack of courage to face those type of students and just say “Hey, do you know what you are doing is wrong”. Instead, they ignore and bring themselves to a lower level although given the responsibility to control the actions that goes against the rules of the school.
    Other than that, teachers themselves sometime get scared or irritated by these types of student until they seem to not exist. Therefore,the students see the prefects back u p defense and start facing the prefects until we are force to go against them with physical action.As a prefect ,i am planning to train my guys to be ready for anything by using the opposition mind and hearth.Example, if we ask the student to collect the rubbish on the floor, we should not say “eh ,boy take the rubbish and trow it into the rubbish been”. Instead,we should say “excuse me boy, can you please take that and trow it into the rubbish bin”.If the student ignores, as a prefect we are leaders and are examples to students.Therefore, we should go and collect the rubbish ourselves and trow it and then say thank you to the student. This will guilt trip the student and makes them to think and wonder weather what they did was wrong.
    Hence, the above article is a good example to all students my commitments to the reporter.

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