Endangered Animals : The Cheetah

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Our Earth is home to many beautiful creatures, and one of these animals is the mighty cheetah!

Cheetah Face

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Cheetahs are the most famous feline species in the big cat family. Cheetahs are also considered the world’s fastest mammal on land and run at the same speed of a car! Unlike other big cats, cheetahs prefer to chase their prey rather than ambush them. They prey on all sorts of smaller animals. They live in open grassland habitats where they can find their prey easily.

The number of these magnificent creatures have dropped due to the habitat loss and illegal poaching. People hunt these cats for their spotted pelt as they are very valuable in the black market. Their homes are being destroyed by human development. However, there is hope. Right now, cheetahs are being protected by international laws and the American Association of Zoological Parks. Hopefully, we can help to preserve this awe-inspiring creature from extinction.


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