Erin Gruwell: An Inspiring Teacher.

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Whether we realise it or not teachers inspire students everyday and are their role models. A teacher should always inspire, realise a student’s potential, and provide a safe haven for them. It’s no wonder teachers gain trust from their students and aspire to be more like them. Erin Gruwell, an American teacher known for her unique method of teaching.

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Erin was born in California and graduated from Botina High School and the University of California where she got her teaching credentials and Master’s Degree. She was also honored as Distinguished Alumna by the School of Education.

One of her famous stories was when she started teaching at Woodrow Wilson High School. She was assigned to low performing students in the school but she was determined to teach every student and she would buy books for them. This is how a teacher and 150 teenagers used writing to change themselves and the world around them.

After teaching in Wilson High School for only four years, Erin became a Distinguished Teacher in Residence at California State University. She then started the Freedom Writers Foundation, to help spread the Freedom Writer’s Method around the country.

In fact, the film ‘Freedom Writers’ was made based on her inspirational story, and has since gone on inspire countless students.

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