FrogChoice: How Stuff Works

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The FrogStore has everything you need to make your learning experience a fantastic one! If you don’t know where to begin, start with our FrogChoice picks on the FrogStore. There are eight awesome categories to choose from, and each category will have new content every month!

We know Frog Students like you are always curious about your world and hungry for more cool facts, so to whet your appetite this week, start with our “How Stuff Works” category on FrogChoice.

Ever wondered why you feel pain when someone pinches you? Or why some of your friends seem to be able to withstand pain more than others? 

The answer is found in one of the videos shown below. (You can only view it on the FrogStore)

  • To watch each video, go to the Quick Launch menu on your Frog VLE and click on the FrogStore icon
  • On the FrogStore, click on the FrogChoice tab at the top
  • On the FrogChoice page, click on How Stuff Works and you will see the page that’s shown below.
  • Find the video that gives you the answer and be the first to leave a comment on this post!




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