Let’s Recycle!

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There are three great ways you can eliminate waste and protect our environment. They are to recycle, reuse and reduce. There are many things that can be recycled; like paper, plastic, glass, lamps, bicycles and umbrellas. In fact, you can turn these broken things to something useful and really nice. It’s just like the old saying goes “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

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1. Recycle

‘Recycle’ means that we produce new materials out of the old ones so that we can avoid waste. We can make sure things are recycled if we put them into the recycle bins that are easily found in Malaysia. By recycling these unwanted materials, you are actually contributing a lot to make our world a safe, clean and a better place.

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2. Reuse

‘Reuse’ means that we create new things out of the old ones so that we can avoid waste. Many items found around the home can be used for different purposes. So before you throw those items away, think about how they can be reused. For example, broken light bulbs can be made into snowman ornaments for your Christmas tree.

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3. Reduce

‘Reduce’ means to use to less so that you waste less. For instance, you can reduce waste by closing the tap whenever you’re not using it, switching lights off when you leave a room and using the same plastic bags when you’re shopping!


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