Oymyakon – The Coldest Village On Earth

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Image taken from ILTWMT

Known as “Pole of Cold”, Oymyakon, Russia is the coldest village on earth. With the record for having the lowest temperature at -71°C in February 2013, living there comes with some very interesting challenges. So wear your thickest sweater as we visit the coldest place on earth!

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Image taken from ILTWMT

Due to the short harvest season, people don’t eat many fruits or vegetables. Instead they usually eat reindeer meat, fish and drink milk from their farm animals. Even with the lack of nutrients without vegetables and fruits, people there don’t suffer from malnutrition because the milk they get from their farm cows is highly nutritious.

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Image taken from dailymail

Their daily wear are clothes made out of furs from reindeer and horses. Although they look very fashionable in these clothes, they aren’t really wearing it for that purpose. Fur coats are more of an essential clothing item as fur can really make one feel cozy and warm.

Daytime and night time varies according to the changing seasons. The duration of daytime during winter is only about three hours, while during summer, they have as much as 21 hours. Although life there seems challenging, there are many of tourists visiting that place every year. So if you ever feel like visiting Oymyakon this summer, you’re welcome to do so.



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