“Thank you Word Mania!”

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Word Mania stories have been flying in from teachers and students like crazy! Students all over Malaysia are talking about how much Word Mania has helped them improve their English in a fun and enjoyable way and that makes us real happy! Don’t believe us? Read these stories for yourself here:

I love Word Mania because it was interesting and it made me think out of the box! Thank you Word Mania!
– Ahmad, SK Seafield 3

This is really amazing. I’m not used to playing any computer games. But since I played Word Mania, I enough games to get me one thousand marks. This is a good game because it helps me improve my vocabulary and to think faster. I really enjoy this game. I’m one of the VLE student admins in my school. I like to introduce my friends to this game and challenge them. I found that my friends and I know many new words after participating in this game. This is a very great idea because it brings a lot of advantages to all students.
– Syafiqah, SMK Sungai Nibong

Word Mania is helping me in my studies. I knew many vocabulary from this game. I would suggest this game to my friends later. Thank you for creating this game.
– Shahir, SK Sungai Limau

I really enjoy this game. I learned many words which people do not usually use through this game. This game also improved my English and I now know some of the English words we use in our daily life are wrong. I really appreciate the creator of this game for inventing this cute and interesting game. Thank you.
– Jia Ying, SMK Tengku Aris Bendahara

Actually I am really not so good in English, but Word Mania helped me a lot! I get to improve my English through Word Mania. Thank you Word Mania for letting me know that being an English expert is not impossible. Word Mania makes it possible. Thanks Word Mania for helping me find my rainbow!
– Natasha, SJK(C) Kuen Cheng 1

Our school gave us our 1BestariNet ID password recently so I could only play Word Mania now but when I discovered it, it was so exciting. I can come back home to play or play in school. Word Mania helped me think faster and made me bond with my brother who has helped me a lot. The game is really fun. The aliens and the badges we can collect makes the game even better. I hope I can win something for my school because I love my school and my teachers. Word Mania also helps me with my spelling. Thank You Word Mania.
– Jarvinnia, SMK Seri Pagi


If you’ve enjoyed playing Word Mania as much as these students have, you can get the game and MORE when you download the FREE trial of LiteracyPlanet HERE! Stay tuned for more Word Mania stories!


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