The Flightless Bird of The Antarctic

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This cute and famous animal is known for not being afraid of humans. In fact, if you stay perfectly still when near one, it may even come up to you to say ‘hello’! However, the amazing penguin has a quite a few surprises of its own.

So, let’s chill out and have a great time learning about penguins!

“It’s practically impossible to look at a penguin and feel angry.” – Joe Moore

Fast Swimmers

Penguins are not just cute, but they are also great at swimming. There are many penguin species on Earth but the tallest and heaviest of them all are the Emperor Penguins. These penguins can actually swim at the speed of 11 kilometers an hour! One of it’s cousins, the Adélie Penguin can move as fast as a car hurtling down a road! The lighting fast Adélie Penguin gets its quickness from it’s hydrodynamic* body that shape shifts underwater according to its speed.

*shape that allows better motion under water

Penguin Picture 1

Image taken from emperor-penguin

Funny and Clumsy

Despite being swift swimmers, did you know that penguins are actually clumsy? They’re agile underwater, but move awkwardly on land. In fact, penguins tend to fall down whenever they walk because of their short feet.

Penguin Picture 2

Image taken from WordPress

Loyal Soulmate

Do you know that penguins are loyal to their partners? Unlike most animals, penguins are unlikely to change their mate once they have each other. They will stick to each other for the rest of their lives. Apart from being loyal soulmates, penguins are also great parents. The parents will take turns with each other to keep their eggs warm and when their egg hatches, they will always have food prepared for babies.

Penguin Picture 3

Image taken from National Geographic

Banner taken from Eweb4

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