The History of Playing Cards

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“Chor Tai Ti”, Blackjack, Speed, and so many other popular card games are played among friends and family, but have you ever wondered how it all started? Who were the geniuses behind such a commonly-used item and what do the symbols on them mean?

Here are three facts you didn’t know about Playing Cards:

Playing cards were invented in ancient China
They have been around since the 9th century thanks to the Tang Dynasty
It was introduced to Europe only later on in the 14th century

Who’s Who:

  • The King of Spades represents King David.
  • The King of Hearts represents King Charles
  • The King of Diamonds represents Julius Caesar
  • The King of Clubs represents Alexander the Great

In the original game rules, the King card always had the highest value until the 18th century where significance was then placed on the lowest card, the Ace. This is said to be due to the French Revolution where games being played “ace high” symbolizes the lower class rising in power above royalty.

Now you know!

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