Three amazing facts about music that you’ll want to know!

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Have you ever wondered how music is made? It’s made from a symphony of sounds which are merely vibrations that travel through the air. Yet, unlike the barking sound of a dog or the sound of a ringing phone, music is able to make us feel emotions! Did you also know that listening to slow music helps you remember things easier? Have you ever noticed that singing songs help to improve your pronunciation? Music actually helps to engage our mind. By listening to the right kind of music, people can actually benefit from it. Here’s how:

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1. No Stress

Research has found that listening to music can relieve stress by decreasing blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety levels of a person. This means music can affect your mood.

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2. Less Pain

Sometimes listening to music can ease the feeling of pain from physical injury. This is because when you listen to music, your brain focuses more on the music and less of the pain you are feeling. After all, the brain can only focus on a few things at a time.

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3. A Healthy Mind

Research has shown that having musical training and listening to or playing music can help keep the brain healthy especially as it ages. Since listening to music is like exercising the brain. Want to have better memory for a longer time? Keep listening to music!

Isn’t amazing how music can affect us so much? If you’re wondering what kind of music you should be listening to, click here for some examples.


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