When Creativity Meets Passion

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Passion and Creativity are two ingredients that when put together, can cook up something extraordinary!

YouTube’s Pew & Chew are two friends who love playing retro video games and spending their time cooking delicious food in the kitchen. What happens when they put the two together? The license to play with your food! (Ok don’t tell your mom we said that!)  They spent months working on making fun videos of how it would be like to play their favourite retro video games like Worms and Space Invaders with dessert and salad!

Sometimes we have to inspire ourselves to get to where we want to! Putting passion and creativity together enables us to think outside the box and use our imagination!

“In all creative processes we are pushing the boundaries of what we know now,

to explore new possibilities; we are drawing on the skills we have now,

often stretching and evolving them as the work demands.”

– Sir Ken Robinson

Can you guess which retro video game this video refers to?


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